Larry Bell: custom-made papers

Last week, we delivered special ordered papers to artist Larry Bell, and saw his new studio space!

Larry, with his new work on red Japanese papers

These thick papers were dyed especially for Larry, by a papermaker in Fukui, Japan.




His beautiful new studio space!

Feel free to contact us about custom sizes or colors of papers!

Kochi Mashi : Large Size Papers

Made out of 50% Thai Kozo & 50% Hemp (Asa) in Kochi, Japan, the Kochi Mashi is a special large size paper that comes in many different options. Even with some use of different “machines”, the paper is created through a series of steps that require the human hand each step of the way.

Inside the cut are some behind the scene images  taken this year, with more information on custom orders.

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Washi Collection Books

By Ageta Tsuyoshi
Translations by Yuki

With 10 years in the making, this washi collection is limited edition, with English translations, and highly recommended for collectors or paper lovers, libraries, museums, and institutions. Order with us to avoid paying extra shipping costs from Japan.

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Surfboard & Fine Art Archival Printing

Archival Prints LLC art firm is internationally recognized for custom surfboard design, surfboard laminates, large-format archival printing, fine art reproduction, and mixed media fine art. Founded in 2004 in Maui, Hawaii, artistic exploration is at the core of the company’s foundation. Inspired by a passion for the arts, surfing, respect for community, cultural awareness and a drive to support change through art.

In 2004, Archival Prints LLC created its unique “archival print”, a large-format surfboard laminate – a fine are reproduction printed on Japanese paper using ink with 100 year permanence. The process of glassing a ‘100 year archival print’ onto a surfboard, is revolutionary in the world of surfing. This distinctive process is the brand’s cornerstone and allows for photo-realistic imagery to cover the entire surfboard. High function and artistic freedom set the standard for Archival Prints LLC custom surfboard collections. These defining traits, instilled in each new design, have forged a recognizable identity, placing Archival Prints LLC into the ranks of respected artists in the surfboard industry.

Archival Prints LLC services include archival printing, fine art reproduction, graphic design, and image archiving. These custom services are offered to an array of clients, ranging from international company’s in need of original artwork for products, local artists seeking image archiving and printing services, as well as to surfboard shapers in need of design and laminates.”

• Click here for Archival Prints LLC fine art printing and archival services, including Japanese Fine Art Paper media

• See the surfboard gallery here, with lamination services here.

Hiromi Paper’s digital & archival papers and rolls

Handmade Mino Washi Calendar 2011

Reserve your copy now and it will come early-mid November.

Mino-washi has an ancient history of 1300 years, and has been cherished for generations for its quality and beauty. With detailed material making process and the unique style of combining vertical suketa (papermaking frame) shaking with horizontal shaking, a technique done only in the Mino-washi process. This creates a strong and evenly spread, tranquil paper. “The real washi, close at hand”. This hand-made washi calendar was made from Kozo grown in Mino. The delicate fibers intertwine to create washi. The finished material has an extremely natural and pleasant feel to it, preserving the original color of the paper, which gives off a somewhat heartwarming atmosphere.

The theme for the new 2010 calendar is: “Japanese nursery rhymes”. Such traditional nursery songs can bring back many childhood memories. Please enjoy the beautiful combination of washi and kirigami (paper-cutting artwork).

January:     ‘Kokyo’ (hometown)
February:      ‘Haruyo, koi’ (Come Spring, come)
March:      ‘Dokokade Haruga’ (Somewhere, spring has come)
April:     ‘Hana’ (Cherry Blossom Flower)
May:      ‘Kono mochi’ (This path)
June:     ‘Amefuri’ (Rainy day)
July:     ‘Yashinomi’ (Coconut)
August:      ‘Hanabi’ (Fireworks)
September:  ‘Mushino koe’ (Sound of chirping)
October:      ‘Yuyake Koyake’ (Beautiful Sunset)
November:      ‘Sato no Aki’ (Autumn in the countryside)
December:  ‘Pechka’ (Fireplace)

Handmade Mino-Washi 2011 Calendars

Kiyoko Hasegawa (of the Usu-Mino Hasegawa duo) has updated us with news of the 2011 Handmade Mino-Washi Calendars.

The new theme will be 「日本の童謡」 Japanese Nursery Rhymes

The 2011 handmade washi calendars are now ready. Today in Mino, the wonderful blue skies of fall have returned and the Kozo leaves are slowly turning yellow. While printing the calendars, 3 illustrated ippitsusen were also created: 1.「日本の文様」Japanese Pattern 2. 「日本の童謡」Japanese Rhymes 3. 「ギオンゴ ギタイゴ」Ginogo Gitaigo Onomatopoeic Expressions -Kiyoko

24″ x 7″
100% Kozo handmade paper from Mino
This item will be limited in stock, pre-order your copy today to reserve from our upcoming shipment.
Sample calendar will be available for viewing in our store shortly.

Ippitsusen currently available in our store only.

‘Mino Washi has been loved for its high quality, strength and beauty for more than 1300 years. The skill to create this paper has been perfected with great efforts of Mino paper-makers and passed on for generations.

We made these calendars for people to enjoy genuine washi in the environment of their homes. The natural color and warmth of this paper comes from the kozo bark it is made from. Please enjoy the gentle and warm feeling of these papers.’

Kiyoko and Satoshi Hasegawa

Outside the Box: Edition Jacob Samuel

At Hammer Museum until August 29th

Features 43 portfolios of limited-editions prints by more than 40 prominent international artists  who worked with master printer Jacob Samuel.
Some of us HPI staff members were able to join the exhibition walk-through with Jacob Samuel on the 19th, and it was amazing listening to Jacob speak on the technical aspects. It was a journey of collaborating with the artists that he chose and developing ways of making the centuries old etching process work with modern artists (some of who have never etched before).

For those curious on the different applications of Japanese Gampi paper (and other paper such as waxed Masa and Rives), the exhibition features many of our papers. They range from Surface Gampi to Natural Gampi to special ordered Shikibu Gampi, and more.

View the editions here.