Handmade Mino Washi Calendar 2011

Reserve your copy now and it will come early-mid November.

Mino-washi has an ancient history of 1300 years, and has been cherished for generations for its quality and beauty. With detailed material making process and the unique style of combining vertical suketa (papermaking frame) shaking with horizontal shaking, a technique done only in the Mino-washi process. This creates a strong and evenly spread, tranquil paper. “The real washi, close at hand”. This hand-made washi calendar was made from Kozo grown in Mino. The delicate fibers intertwine to create washi. The finished material has an extremely natural and pleasant feel to it, preserving the original color of the paper, which gives off a somewhat heartwarming atmosphere.

The theme for the new 2010 calendar is: “Japanese nursery rhymes”. Such traditional nursery songs can bring back many childhood memories. Please enjoy the beautiful combination of washi and kirigami (paper-cutting artwork).

January:     ‘Kokyo’ (hometown)
February:      ‘Haruyo, koi’ (Come Spring, come)
March:      ‘Dokokade Haruga’ (Somewhere, spring has come)
April:     ‘Hana’ (Cherry Blossom Flower)
May:      ‘Kono mochi’ (This path)
June:     ‘Amefuri’ (Rainy day)
July:     ‘Yashinomi’ (Coconut)
August:      ‘Hanabi’ (Fireworks)
September:  ‘Mushino koe’ (Sound of chirping)
October:      ‘Yuyake Koyake’ (Beautiful Sunset)
November:      ‘Sato no Aki’ (Autumn in the countryside)
December:  ‘Pechka’ (Fireplace)


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