Surfboard & Fine Art Archival Printing

Archival Prints LLC art firm is internationally recognized for custom surfboard design, surfboard laminates, large-format archival printing, fine art reproduction, and mixed media fine art. Founded in 2004 in Maui, Hawaii, artistic exploration is at the core of the company’s foundation. Inspired by a passion for the arts, surfing, respect for community, cultural awareness and a drive to support change through art.

In 2004, Archival Prints LLC created its unique “archival print”, a large-format surfboard laminate – a fine are reproduction printed on Japanese paper using ink with 100 year permanence. The process of glassing a ‘100 year archival print’ onto a surfboard, is revolutionary in the world of surfing. This distinctive process is the brand’s cornerstone and allows for photo-realistic imagery to cover the entire surfboard. High function and artistic freedom set the standard for Archival Prints LLC custom surfboard collections. These defining traits, instilled in each new design, have forged a recognizable identity, placing Archival Prints LLC into the ranks of respected artists in the surfboard industry.

Archival Prints LLC services include archival printing, fine art reproduction, graphic design, and image archiving. These custom services are offered to an array of clients, ranging from international company’s in need of original artwork for products, local artists seeking image archiving and printing services, as well as to surfboard shapers in need of design and laminates.”

• Click here for Archival Prints LLC fine art printing and archival services, including Japanese Fine Art Paper media

• See the surfboard gallery here, with lamination services here.

Hiromi Paper’s digital & archival papers and rolls

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