Paper Kits for University of Wyoming Laramie Art Classes

Last year, after the pandemic caused many schools to close and convert all of their classes to virtual ones, Professor Mark Ritchie at the University of Wyoming Laramie Art Department called me up with an idea.

Usually, art students would purchase their class materials at the university store, but with the schools having been shut down the students were all off campus or some even out-of-state, getting ready to begin their printmaking/book arts classes online. With no access to a physical university store to shop at, Mark thought it would be a good idea to curate paper kits specifically for printmaking or book arts, that these students could have sent to their homes.

These paper kits had about ten different types of Japanese papers, with differing sizes, colors and weights so that those not yet familiar with Japanese papers would be able to print on various papers and get a feel of what works for their methods.

It is wonderful to see the wide variety of printmaking methods that the students displayed on the Japanese papers.

By Zoe Parks
Rooftop Lounge, Monotype on SH-16 Kitakata Natural by Anna Naig
Ghanan Tea Time, Monoprint on HP-61 Okawara by Anna Naig

Thank you to Mark Ritchie and his students for giving us the opportunity to create these paper kits, it was a joy to curate and select papers that would work best for printmaking, which hopefully leads to the students learning more about the possibilities of using Japanese papers in their work.

If you are interested in having a bundle of paper kits made for a school/institution, please let us know! We are able to work around various budgets and paper specifications.

Print on Niyodo Kozo 25g by Alex Box

2 thoughts on “Paper Kits for University of Wyoming Laramie Art Classes”

  1. I am interested in taking a wood block printing class. Are there any classes in West L.A.

  2. Hi Marlo,

    Not that we are aware of but you might try checking with The Printing Museum (in Torrance) or even with the folks at Josephine Press (Santa Monica)! – Edwin

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