Colorful Tokyo

Greetings from Tokyo!
Fellow HPI staff Joanna and I (Yuki) are now in Tokyo, before our 1-week Washi tour begins next week!

Today, we explored Ginza,  strolling the streets and browsing through multiple stores to see what is trending now in Japan.
What we came across was an item that we both adore….WASHI TAPE. Continue reading “Colorful Tokyo”

The Dog Days of Summer Sale

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Join us Friday August 5-6 at the Bergamot Station Courtyard for the Dog Days of Summer Sale!

Look out for our booth or come into the store for more information.

Featuring promotional markdowns on new paper, stationery, books, and more.

2525 Michigan Ave.Bergamot Station Unit G-9 Santa Monica, CA 90404
tel: 310-998-0098

Square Kamifusen Translations

Each balloon has 6 faces in alternating blue and red colors. The faces have images of famous landmarks, and Japanese Traditions exclusively from the Toyama Prefecture. Read more for detailed information and translations on each face of the balloon.

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Japanese Stationery with Style

New stationery from Japan now available in store. They are limited stock, and some may be a one time order, contact us for more information.

Assortment of notebooks include hand woodblock printed hardback books, “staircase” books with built-in tabs..

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