Otis Letterpress Workshop + New Product Sneak Peak

Last Wednesday I got the exciting opportunity to visit Otis and learn how to letterpress using their machinery onto various papers. The workshop was led by Professor Linda Dare, a long time friend of Hiromi Paper.

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Updates + C.K. Wilde Exhibition

• Our store will be open this Sunday from 12pm -4pm, the first weekend to see our newest gift arrivals from Japan (washi tape, journals, memo pads, silk paper letterpads, decorative gift wrap, wax paper, and more)

• We are working furiously on deadline for our 2011 catalogue which we are featuring more detailed information on all our paper. This means requesting new information from all the papermakers. Many have stayed the same, some have new weights and materials, and a few were surprises such as  Gampi Silk Tissue being made of 95% Japanese Gampi 5% SP Pulp, instead of 100% Phillippine Gampi.

C.K. Wilde Exhibition at the Rosamund Felsen Gallery : Sojourn

Our bookbinding class this year was taught by artist C.K. Wilde, who is having his second exhibition at the Rosamund Felsen Gallery here in Bergamot Station from November 20 – December 22, 2010. Another bookbinding workshop will hopefully be in the works for next year!

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Shikishi Workshop Recap & JACCC Shikishi Exhibition

We had a blast with our Shikishi Workshop this past Sunday. Everyone made their own unique shikishi, from text to collage to 3D.

We also encouraged everyone to submit to the JACCC 13th Annual Shikishi Exhibition:

Display Your Hatsu Dayori

According to the Japan Post group, over 2 billion letters were delivered on January 1, 2010. These Hatu Dayori, or “First Letters for the New Year” is the theme for this year’s theme for the 13th Annual Shikishi Exhibition on January 1 – February 27, 2011. The shikishi paperboards will interpret the theme, expressing messages, wishes, and aspirations for 2011, as well as references to the Year of the Rabbit, and the rich display of creativity and originality will become the collective voice of our diverse community.

Shikishi are Japanese congratulatory cards of standard size, which has been used in Japan since the twelfth century for painting and writing poetry. Today, these shikishi are given as gifts to make a memorable or special occasion. Past participants have included celebrities, local personalities, politicians, writers, artists, priests, activists, and writers.

All entries must be submitted by December 27, 2010 to:
c/o: The Power of Community Video Contest
244 S. San Pedro St., Suite 505
Los Angeles, CA. 90012

The use of standard size shikishi paperboard is the requirement for participation in the exhibit. There is also be a $10 suggested entry fee.
Shikishi can be purchased at local Japanese markets, or you can request one from the JACCC while supplies last.

For more information about the exhibition call Gavin Kelley at (213) 628-2725

Available Shikishi at Hiromi Paper:

Before the Shikishi making frenzy

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Shion Mobile

Kyoko Ibe was in town this week, working tirelessly on her planned 2011 exhibition & perfomance in both coasts. We get the added bonus of seeing the latest from her washi art company, Shion. She gave us some samples of the mobile below (we sell the leaf bookmarks separately in the store). Hopefully more details to come!

Handmade Mino Washi Calendar 2011

Reserve your copy now and it will come early-mid November.

Mino-washi has an ancient history of 1300 years, and has been cherished for generations for its quality and beauty. With detailed material making process and the unique style of combining vertical suketa (papermaking frame) shaking with horizontal shaking, a technique done only in the Mino-washi process. This creates a strong and evenly spread, tranquil paper. “The real washi, close at hand”. This hand-made washi calendar was made from Kozo grown in Mino. The delicate fibers intertwine to create washi. The finished material has an extremely natural and pleasant feel to it, preserving the original color of the paper, which gives off a somewhat heartwarming atmosphere.

The theme for the new 2010 calendar is: “Japanese nursery rhymes”. Such traditional nursery songs can bring back many childhood memories. Please enjoy the beautiful combination of washi and kirigami (paper-cutting artwork).

January:     ‘Kokyo’ (hometown)
February:      ‘Haruyo, koi’ (Come Spring, come)
March:      ‘Dokokade Haruga’ (Somewhere, spring has come)
April:     ‘Hana’ (Cherry Blossom Flower)
May:      ‘Kono mochi’ (This path)
June:     ‘Amefuri’ (Rainy day)
July:     ‘Yashinomi’ (Coconut)
August:      ‘Hanabi’ (Fireworks)
September:  ‘Mushino koe’ (Sound of chirping)
October:      ‘Yuyake Koyake’ (Beautiful Sunset)
November:      ‘Sato no Aki’ (Autumn in the countryside)
December:  ‘Pechka’ (Fireplace)

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