2010 Calendars

Safari Calendar
Safari Calendar

Our calendars are back with 2010 versions now available in our store and online here. In addition to our usual zoo calendar, we’ve added the rocking chair calendar and the possibility of reserving a safari calendar from Japan. The Japanese woodblock calendar is also back with a new collection of woodblock prints by Kawase Hasui. And last, is the handmade 100% Kozo Mino washi calendar. The following is our translation of each page as well as some background information. We will only stock a small number of the washi calendars, and will take reservations for more.

‘Mino Washi has been loved for its high quality, strength and beauty for more than 1300 years. The skill to create this paper has been perfected with great efforts of Mino paper-makers and passed on for generations.

We made these calendars for people to enjoy genuine washi in the environment of their homes. The natural color and warmth of this paper comes from the kozo bark it is made from. Please enjoy the gentle and warm feeling of these papers.

The year 2010’s theme isJapanese Onomatopoeias.” We realized that onomatopoeias are used very frequently everyday. In the Japanese language, there are 3 times more onomatopoeias than the English language.’

Here are the translations of the onomatopoeias used:


Lady walking in a kimono “shanari shanari”
A man walking with confidence “shaki!”
A baby walks “yochi yochi”

Fox cries “kon kon!”
Snow falls “kon kon”

Daddy snores “guu guu”
Baby sleeps “ suya suya”


The string is tight “pi-in”
Tied the butterfly knot “kyu”
The butterfly flies, “hira hira”
The dandelions float “fuwa fuwa”

A little girl appears “hyokkori”
An old lady smiles “nikkori”


Licking an ice cream cone “pero pero”
Sucking on a straw “chuu chuu”
Gobbling up watermelon “gabu gabu”
Drinking beer “goku goku”


Rooster cries “kokekokko”
A chick cries “piyo piyo”
A dove cries “poppo~”
An owl cries “ho-ho-“
A nightingale cries “ho—hokekyo”
A duck cries “gaa gaa”
A crow cries “kaa kaa”
A sparrow cries “chun chun”

Big and round eyes “kuri kuri”
Sparkling eyes “kira kira”
Dizzy eyes “guru guru”

A crane (tsuru) eats so-men noodles
“tsuru tsuru”

A clock goes “chicku tacku”
A boiling kettle goes “shuun shuun”
A cooking pot goes “koto koto”
The telephone rings “li~n li~n”
The book flips pages “para para”


Christmas and New Years are knocking on the door…
“don don”(loud)
“ton ton”(soft)

Discontinued: Postcards & Thank You Cards

postcard2We have just stocked up on the popular new sticky notes in all three designs: bird, butterfly, and Paris. Also new is the Japanese wave thank you card set, in replacement of the discontinued Japanese bow set. Unfortunately, the company has also discontinued the Japanese Woodblock postcard set, which we have only a few left in stock.

Kamifusen Balloons

It’s going to be a busy week for us here at HPI, with a new shipment that came today and exhibiting at the AIC annual meeting hosted here at the Hyatt Century City May 20-21. We are preparing to bring our conservation supplies and introduce some new conservation paper, as well as giving some conference attendee perks(free shipping, 20% discounts, etc!)

As for the Kamifusen Balloons, the first chance I got, it was to check out some of our new additions to the line! They will hopefully be up shortly and include lady bug, fireworks (perfect for July 4th decorations!), cat, globe, and demon. Some of the smaller ones like the lady bug and the globe even comes with a card and envelope!

Lady Bug
Lady Bug
New Kamifusen Additions
New Kamifusen Additions

New Bhutan paper, Ichimatsu, Rayon, & Akebono sale!

Bhutan Dekar & Denak paper
Bhutan Dekar & Denak paper

New Bhutan papers: Postcard size, Dekar Natural A5, Dekar & Denak 9″x 12″. Discount of 20% available if purchasing 100+, contact us for ordering details!

Back in stock in the sale section is the Ichimatsu Lace Roll. The size of the roll is 45″ x 10m, with 18 g/m2 weight, and made of 100% Rayon. The lace paper series are machine made paper in delicate lace patterns. A pattern of small holes is created by subjecting the newly formed wet sheet to a jet stream of water. Neutral pH, excellent for collages and crafts.


Rayon Unryu with Gold & Silver, now available in limited stock 45″x 100m & 90m rolls!

Also, we are putting up our discontinued slightly damaged Akebono paper for 50% off! Made of 100% Kozo. Great for decorative uses; lampshades, invitations, book covers, etc!

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