Rembrandt’s Etchings and Echizen Paper

Sugihara-san and Fukui paper makers attended the opening of the much anticipated exhibition: Rembrandt’s Etchings and Japanese Echizen paper at the Rembrandt House Museum!

The exhibition will be open to the public until September 20th, 2015.


The Rembrandt House which once was his home is now a historical monument and museum, commemorating Rembrandt’s life and work located in Amsterdam. He lived and worked in this house from 1639 to 1658. Although the interior has been reconstructed since then, the overall architecture remains the same as it was in his time.

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Artist Feature: John Wigmore

John Wigmore

We had the pleasure of visiting the studio of lighting designer and artist, John Wigmore. He combines the elements of sculpture, painting, and installation with Japanese papers for his lighting installations for both show rooms and personal clients. This time, we were able to ask a couple of questions and learn more about John and his work.


Q: Can you tell us a little about your artist background and company?
A: I graduated from UCSC with a BA in Art Studio and mainly concentrated on painting and sculpture. I got interested in natural materials and found that I enjoyed working with paper in my sculptures. I was looking at a lot of James Turrell and Robert Irwin at the time in the early 90’s and began making my light sculptures in NYC from Okawara paper combined with a heavyweight watercolor paper.
Print on Harukaze, kozo layers.

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Rembrandt and Gampi by Bruce Meade

Rembrandt and Gampi  Written By: Bruce Meade rembrandt 1 The news got to Rembrandt quickly. The first trade ships from Japan had just dropped anchor in Amsterdam harbor. And among the exotic treasures in their holds was rumored to be a rare, beautiful paper. Luminescent, incredibly lightweight, yet more than strong enough to hold a printer’s ink. Rembrandt hurried through a maze of alleyways to the shop of the paper merchant. The artist arrived just as the new sheets from Japan were being carefully stacked on wooden shelves. “Gampi”, stated the merchant. “Made from the bark of a shrub that grows only in the wild. Quite expensive.” Continue reading “Rembrandt and Gampi by Bruce Meade”

A Visit to Angeles Press

Toby Michel and Mary Michel

Angeles Press

Toby Michel with some prints on Niyodo White.
Toby Michel with some prints on Niyodo White.

A couple of days ago, Yuki and I had the pleasure to visit the studio of Angeles Press, which was only a 5 minute car ride away from Hiromi Paper! We were immediately greeted with prints done on our paper such as Niyodo White, as pictured above, and on the KM-03 Surface Gampi White, which was deemed as a favorite, and can be seen below.

Photography, editing, and printing by Mary Michel.
Photography, editing, and printing by Mary Michel on KM-03.

Angeles Press has been around for over 30 years and is now focusing in the digital field. Mary and Toby work intimately with clients on their projects to meet their every needs, whether it is for just a single print or editions. It was amazing to be able to experience how they transform images, some were even taken by smart phone’s, in to physical art work. We were able to work with them on printing with various Japanese and Bhutanese paper’s, which is just a sliver of what they are capable of printing on.


Painting by Victoria Sutherland, printed on Asuka 150g 17"x22".
Painting by Victoria Sutherland, printed on Asuka 150g 17″x22″.
From Victoria Sutherland. Printed on HP-61 Okawara Small.
From Victoria Sutherland. Printed on HP-61 Okawara Small.
Image taken by Trisha O'Keefe, "White Egret". Print on top with an Epson paper, bottom with MM-23 Shirakabe.
Image taken by Trisha O’Keefe, “White Egret”. Print on top with an Epson paper, bottom with MM-23 Shirakabe.


Thank you again for showing us around, Angeles Press!


Bill Laws “Boxed Leaves” at the Blue Line Gallery, Roseville

This July, Blue Line Gallery (916 783-4117), a key community art gallery and resource in Northern California will feature a collage making use of paper from Hiromi Paper, Inc.

The member show begins July 20 and extends to August at the gallery’s location in downtown Roseville.

The gallery’s CEO, Julie Hirota, and the Director of Gallery Operations, Aleksander Bohnak, have made every effort to include a diversity of materials in the selections for this summer’s show. Along with the member show and community events, the gallery stages shows on specific themes that challenges and inspires art viewers. One example has been the recent show featuring art utilizing imaginative human figures.

Bill Laws‘ collages, including his work Boxed Leaves which is featured in this summer’s show, encompass a diversity of collage styles. From the political montage, to found material works to the recent style of subtle colors and shapes represented by Boxed Leaves, Bill’s work extends through twenty years of concentration in the collage medium.

Washi Tour 2012: Echizen Gampi

On our last day in Fukui, Sugihara-san first took us to visit Umeda Washi, where our Echizen Color Gampi papers are from.

Naho Murata and Akemi Hara working hard…

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Good Things Come in Small Packages

We create things inspired by joy, fun experiences and positive vibes. We create our art with our hands out of passion for the craft and expression. – Candy & Graham.

Look out for our paper in this exhibition with live acoustic performances by Graham and the Driftwood Caravan happening this Saturday at The OC Mart Mix! Come out to experience some awe-inspiring photographs from Graham Day and Candy Mako which are lacquered and wood backed. You can also take a look at their work on their etsy page. Hope to see everyone out there and best of luck Graham and Candy!