Bill Laws “Boxed Leaves” at the Blue Line Gallery, Roseville

This July, Blue Line Gallery (916 783-4117), a key community art gallery and resource in Northern California will feature a collage making use of paper from Hiromi Paper, Inc.

The member show begins July 20 and extends to August at the gallery’s location in downtown Roseville.

The gallery’s CEO, Julie Hirota, and the Director of Gallery Operations, Aleksander Bohnak, have made every effort to include a diversity of materials in the selections for this summer’s show. Along with the member show and community events, the gallery stages shows on specific themes that challenges and inspires art viewers. One example has been the recent show featuring art utilizing imaginative human figures.

Bill Laws‘ collages, including his work Boxed Leaves which is featured in this summer’s show, encompass a diversity of collage styles. From the political montage, to found material works to the recent style of subtle colors and shapes represented by Boxed Leaves, Bill’s work extends through twenty years of concentration in the collage medium.

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