Square Kamifusen Translations

Each balloon has 6 faces in alternating blue and red colors. The faces have images of famous landmarks, and Japanese Traditions exclusively from the Toyama Prefecture. Read more for detailed information and translations on each face of the balloon.

Contents are: 2 larger squares (3″x3″) and 2 smaller squares (2.5″x2.5″)

Faces of the square:
ほたるいか(滑川)Hotaru Ika: Firefly Squids from the Namekawa area.
おわら踊り(八尾)Owara Odori: Summer festival in the Yatsuo area.
立山 Tate Yama: Mount Tate (ta-teh) One of the “Three Holy Mountains” in Japan, along with Mount Fuji and Mount Haku.
黒部峡谷 Kurobe Kyoukoku: The Kurobe Canyon.
富山城 Toyamajyou: Toyama Castle.
合掌造り(五ヶ山)Gassho Tsukuri: Traditional farm houses with high peaked, thatched roofs.

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