Washi Collection Books

By Ageta Tsuyoshi
Translations by Yuki

With 10 years in the making, this washi collection is limited edition, with English translations, and highly recommended for collectors or paper lovers, libraries, museums, and institutions. Order with us to avoid paying extra shipping costs from Japan.

“This time, we have created a highly comprehensive Washi collection book named: “The 21st Century : The Japanese ‘kokoro (heart)’ Washi Collection”. Known to be the most durable and strong in preservation, the origin of the widely known Washi is said to be around the 7th Century. Since then, Washi has evolved with the change of time for almost 1500 years.

Used for the hand-copying of Buddhist sutras, transmission of information, development of the prosperity of period literature, construction of Japanese houses, as special paper utilized by samurais alone, and as the (original) paper used for balloon bombs during wartime, Washi has evidently developed along with the current of the Japanese culture.

Now, as the 21st century marks an important turning point, Washi makers from all over Japan have worked together for 10 years for the creation of this massive Washi collection book. the scale cannot be compared with  other Washi books produced in the past , since this new edition is made up of 12 volumes in total.”

Volume 1 – 6 Handmade paper throughout Japan (618 samples)
Volume 7 – 8 Decorated hand-made paper (115 samples)
Volume 9 – 11 Machine-made Washi (325 samples)
Volume 12 Notes – English Translated
Total of 1,058 samples.

Size of sample paper: 20cm x 30cm (7.9” x 11”)

Price: 350000yen
(approximately $4,380, depending on currency exchange)

Number of Copies: limited to 800 copies.

Due to limited availablity, please submit a 50% deposit with Hiromi Paper to confirm your spot on the reservation list as soon as possible.

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