Kochi Mashi : Large Size Papers

Made out of 50% Thai Kozo & 50% Hemp (Asa) in Kochi, Japan, the Kochi Mashi is a special large size paper that comes in many different options. Even with some use of different “machines”, the paper is created through a series of steps that require the human hand each step of the way.

Inside the cut are some behind the scene images  taken this year, with more information on custom orders.

Kozo, Gampi, Hemp..they all require the chiritori process in which flecks are picked from the pulp for clean sheets.

A floor is dedicated to the drying and application of sizing (dosa) by brush.
With a minimum of 30 sheets, you can custom order your sheets to have inner sizing instead.

The director Kamakura Hideaki to the left, with founder Ozaki Kanetoshi to the right.

Kochi Mashi is first made in 3m x 4m (118in x 157in) size and then cut down to the different size options available. Deckled edges are available only on the 3m x 4m (118in x 79in) and 3m x 2m size sheets.

Feel free to contact us for more information on ordering Kochi Mashi!

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