Handmade Mino-Washi 2011 Calendars

Kiyoko Hasegawa (of the Usu-Mino Hasegawa duo) has updated us with news of the 2011 Handmade Mino-Washi Calendars.

The new theme will be 「日本の童謡」 Japanese Nursery Rhymes

The 2011 handmade washi calendars are now ready. Today in Mino, the wonderful blue skies of fall have returned and the Kozo leaves are slowly turning yellow. While printing the calendars, 3 illustrated ippitsusen were also created: 1.「日本の文様」Japanese Pattern 2. 「日本の童謡」Japanese Rhymes 3. 「ギオンゴ ギタイゴ」Ginogo Gitaigo Onomatopoeic Expressions -Kiyoko

24″ x 7″
100% Kozo handmade paper from Mino
This item will be limited in stock, pre-order your copy today to reserve from our upcoming shipment.
Sample calendar will be available for viewing in our store shortly.

Ippitsusen currently available in our store only.

‘Mino Washi has been loved for its high quality, strength and beauty for more than 1300 years. The skill to create this paper has been perfected with great efforts of Mino paper-makers and passed on for generations.

We made these calendars for people to enjoy genuine washi in the environment of their homes. The natural color and warmth of this paper comes from the kozo bark it is made from. Please enjoy the gentle and warm feeling of these papers.’

Kiyoko and Satoshi Hasegawa

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