MM-105 Torinoko in Larger Sheets

Now available for special orders, larger sizes of MMN-105 Torinoko Natural and MMN-105 Torinoko White sheets!

Our regular stocked MMN-105 Torinoko is as follows:

Size: 38″ x 74″
Color: White or Natural
Weight: 235 g/m2

A large size, heavy weight, 100% sulphite pulp machinemade paper. Made with strong sizing. It is good for painting or drawing.

For special order in white or natural:

61″ x 73″
30 sheet minimum
$16.00 per sheet

75″ x 92.5″
20 sheet minimum
$32.00 per sheet

75″ x 108″
20 sheet minimum
$38.00 per sheet

Contact us if you are interested in ordering at our store, through e-mail, phone, or fax!
(Special orders can be picked up/shipped from our store or shipped directly to you from Japan. Shipping cost from Japan will be added to the invoice, 50% deposit is required for special orders)
♦ Ask if interested in Rolls

Dynic SK Series

At HPI, the Dynic/Buckram SK bookcloth series was discontinued for regular stock and on a special order basis only. We recently tried to contact the SK bookcloth makers in Japan for some special orders, but did not receive any response despite the different attempts. So, at this time we will have to hold off any SK orders until further notice.

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