A Visit to TreeSpace Studio

TreeSpace Studio

Amy T. Won


Watercolors on Khadi.

It started out as a project to create her wedding invitations, and escalated to more invitation requests from couples. Amy is now taking the time to work on her own art. She has been drawing all her life, and attended school for architecture. During a mission to find paper sources, she was led to us, and we have been big fans ever since the first time she brought in her work! Last week, Yuki and I were more than excited to be able to visit her enchanted studio. Take a look around!

She has a passion for books, especially mythical and adventurous stories which are often an element of her work. Other sources of inspiration comes from nature, hiking, films, photography, and outdoor activities. Amy also has a very whimsical collage of photography on her studio wall. It was very inspirational for us just to be in there!

InkJet prints on our Amate and Bhutan paper!

Some of Amy’s prints over the years including idea sketches and invitations. The details of the lines and letters in the design come together magically with her choice of colors and Amy’s brush strokes.

Amy also hosts workshops and sells her work on her website. See for more fun! www.treespacestudio.com  

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