End of Summer Sale

Join in on our end of summer/back to school sale starting August 24th to September 7th. You can get up to 30% on specially marked items such as the Khadi 640 Rough and Smooth, Khadi Color Rag, Peacock, Yatsuo, IJ Asuka Sheets and Rolls, Books, Hahnemule Pads, and more to be announced. Stop by in our store, website, or call/fax in to get your discounts! Please check our website or talk to a representative for more information.

Origami Event

Colorful Paper Paper CraneAlways wanted to learn how to make paper cranes? Here’s your chance to partake in an origami workshop we are throwing in our store on Sunday, July 19th! Paper will be provided by us, so stop by any time between 1pm to 3pm. Cranes will be donated to Guild of Book Workers for their thousand paper cranes project for the Standards of Excellence Seminar in San Francisco this upcoming October. Please RSVP a seat via email, comment, or store phone (310-998-0098)!

*Also, due to this event, the HPI store will be open that Sunday July 19 from 12pm- 3pm!

Gampi Natural Sheet Undergoes Treatment

An experiment we did on a Gampi Natural Sheet.

before ironing
before ironing
after ironing
after ironing

Next time don’t fret if you accidently create a wrinkle or disturbance in your paper. Ironing has proven to help clear out the slight damages and restore the paper! (thickness of the paper should also be taken into consideration)

Coming Soon! TBA

Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials by Jeannine Stein.

cover of the book

Look forward to the debut of this upcoming guide of a different and fun way to bookmaking. Follow Jeannine as she demonstrates multiples of brilliant ideas on handcrafting books, journals, albums, and much more. Infuse art with old items or junk (such as candy wrappers or used chip bags) to give a new twist on throwing away unwanted stuff. Personalize your journals or gifts with the help of easy instructions and colored illustrations. Even the book would be an idealistic gift to give!

Kawaii Paper

Today I’ll introduce a new addition to this blog – me. :] Aside from Yona’s posts, please look forward to more Joey in the future!

claim your own copy before they run out!
claim your own sheet before they run out!

Just today we sold our last of the Kawaii Paper #8 (dog print) which brought to the attention of the limited stock we have left on the other prints. Out of our original 11 variations, we only have 4 prints in stock now! On top of that we have less than 5 copies of each and will be discontinuing this line, so we will not be having anymore in the future. With that in mind, even I want to claim a copy of my own kawaii paper! On the up most level we have Kawaii #2 which is the light pink sakura petal prints on the white paper, which has a bit of a rough texture. Right below we have Kawaii #4, the lined up red and blue colored ducks. Next is the Kawaii #5 which is a bit more complex to describe (see picture above), it looks as if there are Japanese characters representing little people and red bows. Last but not least is another mixture of black and red, the Kawaii #9, which looks like the images of a Japanese seal in block print, which makes it very cute in my opinion. These would mix well with any kind of decorating work such as bookwrapping, scrapbooking, giftwrapping, collages, invitations, cards, or even framing for a special edition on your wall. You can find them on our website for purchase or if your close enough to our store, swing by and pick up a copy!

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