The 9th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints 2014

ImageThe 9th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition 2014 is now receiving submissions! Information and entry form in english is downloadable from their website:

You can also take a trip back to our 2008 newsletter for more information about this exhibition:

Brochures and forms are also available through us, feel free to ask!

Stripping of Kozo Bark Workshop

On January 18, 2012, a mini workshop of kozo bark stripping was taken place at Tosa Washi Kogeimura (Arts and Crafts Village) in Ino Machi of Kochi Prefecture.

Kozo is the main fiber used to make washi; the bark that is used in 70% of washi made today. These kozo trees are cut down every winter to make the fibers and soon after, the plant will grow new buds, sprouting vibrant green leaves in the summertime, and will again be ready to harvest by next winter. This is one of the reasons that washi is considered to be eco-friendly.

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