Ewa Monika Zebrowski: en passant


Upcoming Solo Exhibition
November 10 – December 22, 2012
Art Mûr
5826 St-Hubert
Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2S 2L7

en passant
by Ewa Monika Zebrowski

Using thin, inkjet coated Japanese paper, artist Ewa Monika Zebrowski shows her latest photographic works (the dreamy “en passant“) at the Galerie Art Mûr starting from November 10.

Pyramid Atlantic: Sargasso Sea Scrolls

Scrolls in production – species images being screenprinted over the golden sargassum

Pyramid Atlantic and the Sargasso Sea Alliance (SSA) collaboration: screen printed Sargasso Sea Scrolls on HPR-01 Okawara Roll currently on view in the Washington Printmakers Gallery (WPG).

For more information, check out:pyramidscreenprint.blogspot.com/2012/04/sargasso-sea-scrolls.html

Five rolls of Okawara paper were ordered from Hiromi for the project, and the scrolls are now completed and are being taken to Bermuda next week for unveiling and exhibition there at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute on Thursday 20th September at 6.00pm.

The Sargasso Sea flows around the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic and is host to a wide variety of endemic and endangered sea species.  The scrolls have been made to raise awareness for both Pyramid Atlantic  and the Sargasso Sea Alliance  – which is striving to protect the Sargasso Sea and its associated marine species under international law.

The idea was conceived by 2 board members of Pyramid Atlantic, Marti Ittner and Jenny Freestone.  Artists from around the world were approached and ask to submit drawings of some of the marine species that live in, or make use of, the Sargasso Sea.  The scrolls comprise a set of 3 panels of Okawara paper, each 2’6′ wide by 8′ high

Under the direction of Gretchen Schermerhorn, Artistic Director at Pyramid Atlantic, photographic images of the sargassum weed have been digitally printed on gold on each panel.  The artists’ drawings have been converted to digital images, and screenprinted onto the panels.  The scrolls are in an edition of 5.  Six portfolios, each containing containing a full set of each marine species (on Okawara) are also under production.

If interested in purchasing or for further information, please contact Pyramid Atlantic!

Natural Curiosities Art House

Beautiful prints on handmade paper by wholesale art house studio, Natural Curosities:

Modern Circle  – [on Echizen Hanga Dosa Natural paper]

This series of three-color silkscreen prints is all about color interaction. We played with the transparency of the inks, which creates numerous colors as they overlap. The ink absorbs beautifully onto the handmade Japanese paper, made in the province of Echizen, giving the prints a warmth very characteristic of this paper.

Modern Rectangle – [on Bhutan Mitsumata Natural paper]

This series of one-color silkscreen prints was inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko, in which big color fields interact with each other. The prints are on a beautiful Japanese style Bhutan Paper, made with 100% Mitsumata fibers, acid-free and unsized. These prints are pure in the way that they are all about the color and the paper. The absence of shapes allows us to experience the beauty of the isolated color. These prints evoke a feeling of Zen that is very calming in any space.

Ellen Martin Photography

Ellen Martin Photography Exhibition using Hiromi Paper Inkjet Niyodo Paper

Ellen will be the featured guest artist at the Lexington Artist Co-Op 

20 W. Washington St, Lexington, VA, during the month of September 2012

Opening Reception Friday, September 7, 2012 – 5:00 – 7:30pm.



Chigiri-e Session with Washi

This past weekend the Zenshuji Terakoya (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles) had their a chigiri-e session for their little participants. Natural washi paper were used as backdrops for the colorful images created using decorative Japanese paper. The session started with a little introduction and a reading of one Keiko Sena‘s picture books. It certainly looked like a fun event for the kids!

Devon Tsuno : The Nature of Things Exhibition

Burnt Palm, 64 x 82″ acrylic and spray paint on DHM-11 Kozo paper

Ruth Bachofner Gallery
The Nature of Things
Curated by Constance Mallinson and Virginia Katz

Kim Abeles, Elizabeth Bryant, Merion Estes, Brian Forrest, James Griffith,
Virginia Katz, Constance Mallinson, Barrie Mottishaw, and Devon Tsuno

July 21 – September 1, 2012
Reception:  Saturday, July 21, 5-7pm

Bergamont Station
2525 Michigan Ave.  G2
Santa Monica, CA 90404

LACMA Encore Talk

Last night, Hiromi Paper staff and LACMA conservator Soko Furuhata gave an encore lecture on Washi and Youshi: Japanese and Western Paper at LACMA. It was definitely a broad topic, and we found we just have too much to say in one hour! But, somehow we got our presentation down to three basics: History of Japanese Paper (Washi), Video clips on papermaking (you really have to see the movements), and Hiromi Paper collaborations between western artists and washi papermakers. We end on a sort of serious note on Hiromi Paper’s mission in continuing to support washi papermakers, but we truly felt the support and encouragement from the audience afterward. We are so grateful for this! LACMA conservator Soko Furuhata also gave her very interesting presentation on western handmade papers and how LACMA uses Japanese paper in their conservation projects. Thank you Soko and the LACMA councils for making this night possible!