WASHI exhibition presented by Photonet in Australia

Michael Silver, a very talented and unique photographer, will be presenting an upcoming Washi exhibition along with some of the finest photographers in Australia. He will be showing works on our Gampi papers, such as the Surface Gampi White, and other Washi papers. The exhibition will be opened by Neil Wallace, who has owned Melbourne Etching Supplies for over 30 years, on Sunday March 18.


Here is a closer look at the picture above, by Judith Crispin, printed on the Surface Gampi White paper.

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Curmudgeon Cards

Elisa Goodman, the maker of the curmudgeon cards, has just dropped off some amazing cards for our store using the vegetable papyrus‘. We always get numerous questions regarding what to do with the fruit and vegetable papyrus. Here are some wonderful example to get inspiration from.

This card is done with the carrot unpeeled papyrus layered over the Yucatan color paper.

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Sakura Kokeshi Pop-up

Artist Namiko has shared her wonderful work with us.  She has made this Sakura Kokeshi pop-up using the paper from our $5 collage bag! She is dedicating the first 10 cards she sells for donation to the Japanese Society in New York, to help support Japan. Thank you Namiko for sharing.

Artist: Stephen Vincent

Artist Stephen Vincent stopped by our store to show us his beautiful projects. He will be doing an exhibition May 6 – May 28 at the Jack Hanley Gallery on 136 Watts Street, New York. Here is a note from the Artist.

HAPTIC: Under Brandenberg Gate on our Khadi 210S paper

An “Artist Note” on the early accordion fold “haptics” book projects.

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