“Melting Point” Exhibition at El Camino College

If you are coming out to see the “Melting Point” at the El Camino College art gallery, be sure to check out Bill Brody‘s four woodcut pieces on Okawara paper from HPI. The reception will be held on December 1st, 2009 7-9pm.

Bill Brody, denizen of Alaska, shows black and white woodcuts of ice fields and glaciers from his surroundings. These dramatic pieces have the curious quality of intricate 19 th century illustration, dealing directly with the enormity of wilderness landscape while addressing the contemporary issue of changing global climate.”

Some HPI Updates

♦ August is already almost over, which means it is almost the LA Printers Fair in Carson (August 29th), come see us there inside the Heritage Theater of the International Printing Museum 8am – 4pm.

♦ After a short wait, the post animal cards are back in stock. We will also be getting ready to bring out next years zoo calendars.

♦ We had a great time July 19th at our Origami crane event, with donations of the cranes to The Guild of Book Workers for their annual seminar banquet.We went straight into folding the paper cranes for 2 straight hours!

Joey teaching how to fold a crane

♦ Second week of July, conservator Mr. Sekichi and his wife visited from Japan. I was able to bring them to Pasadena to see The Gamble House(for the first time for all of us). We also took them to Disney Concert Hall to watch the “Bridging USA & Japan” concert (it was actually another first time for us).

Enjoying the bright sunny day

♦ While working with different sized paperwood for a customer, we have requested for samples of microwood veneers (0.10″) which are available to special order in rolls. We are working to get the samples displayable, meanwhile here are some woods that I liked especially:


Contact us for more details if interested.

♦ We received a request in the store last week for a Japanese textile conservator that could possibly repair her artwork she bought in Japan. That brought me to searching for local conservators online. The best way I have found was on the AIC website, under ‘find a local conservator’.

♦ We are making some progress on ordering Dynic SK bookcloths. Prices for rolls are out and we are going to be starting with special orders, so contact us if interested for more detail.

♦ Last but not least, check back at our online and retail store for the Back to School & Work sale starting August 24th.

Tanabata Festival

Tanabata Festival
August 15-17, 2009
1pm-9pm (Sat-Sun)
Central Ave at JANM & MOCA

This year’s 69th Annual Nisei Week Festival takes place August 15-23 in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo and is, for the first time, introducing the Tanabata Festival (or star festival) from Japan. To celebrate, wishes and prayers are written on paper that is streamed on bamboo.

For the Los Angeles celebration, Kokeshi(Japanese dolls) with streamers were created as decorations using Hiromi Paper’s Mulberry Thick rolls. If you are planning to attend, do look out for them!



pictures courtesy of Yoko Nishimura

New Bhutan paper, Ichimatsu, Rayon, & Akebono sale!

Bhutan Dekar & Denak paper
Bhutan Dekar & Denak paper

New Bhutan papers: Postcard size, Dekar Natural A5, Dekar & Denak 9″x 12″. Discount of 20% available if purchasing 100+, contact us for ordering details!

Back in stock in the sale section is the Ichimatsu Lace Roll. The size of the roll is 45″ x 10m, with 18 g/m2 weight, and made of 100% Rayon. The lace paper series are machine made paper in delicate lace patterns. A pattern of small holes is created by subjecting the newly formed wet sheet to a jet stream of water. Neutral pH, excellent for collages and crafts.


Rayon Unryu with Gold & Silver, now available in limited stock 45″x 100m & 90m rolls!

Also, we are putting up our discontinued slightly damaged Akebono paper for 50% off! Made of 100% Kozo. Great for decorative uses; lampshades, invitations, book covers, etc!

Sale Items: Roll

photoJust added a bunch more rolls to our sale section! Most only have 1 or 2 in stock each and are up to 5.5 meters. They are great for trying out our rolls without buying the whole 10, 20 or so meter rolls.

Additions include: MMNR-1 Tengucho Thinnest Roll, HPR-W1 Tengucho Roll, KMR-02 Shikoku White Roll, HPCR-50 Rayon Thick Roll, and HPR-01 Okawara MM Roll.

MM-105 Torinoko in Larger Sheets

Now available for special orders, larger sizes of MMN-105 Torinoko Natural and MMN-105 Torinoko White sheets!

Our regular stocked MMN-105 Torinoko is as follows:

Size: 38″ x 74″
Color: White or Natural
Weight: 235 g/m2

A large size, heavy weight, 100% sulphite pulp machinemade paper. Made with strong sizing. It is good for painting or drawing.

For special order in white or natural:

61″ x 73″
30 sheet minimum
$16.00 per sheet

75″ x 92.5″
20 sheet minimum
$32.00 per sheet

75″ x 108″
20 sheet minimum
$38.00 per sheet

Contact us if you are interested in ordering at our store, through e-mail, phone, or fax!
(Special orders can be picked up/shipped from our store or shipped directly to you from Japan. Shipping cost from Japan will be added to the invoice, 50% deposit is required for special orders)
♦ Ask if interested in Rolls

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