“Melting Point” Exhibition at El Camino College

If you are coming out to see the “Melting Point” at the El Camino College art gallery, be sure to check out Bill Brody‘s four woodcut pieces on Okawara paper from HPI. The reception will be held on December 1st, 2009 7-9pm.

Bill Brody, denizen of Alaska, shows black and white woodcuts of ice fields and glaciers from his surroundings. These dramatic pieces have the curious quality of intricate 19 th century illustration, dealing directly with the enormity of wilderness landscape while addressing the contemporary issue of changing global climate.”

LAPS 20th National Exhibition Awards

This years Los Angeles Printmaking Society (LAPS) 20th National Exhibition is their largest yet and will continue to January 3, 2010. In support for the artists using washi, Hiromi Paper has given 2 Hiromi Paper Company Materials Awards this year to Endi Poscovic and Cathy Weiss. Both artists used Japanese paper in their exhibition pieces this year. You can view the list of artists here.

‘The Way of the Japanese Bath’ Exhibition

Photographer Mark Edward Harris, author of “The Way of the Japanese Bath
Location: Kopeikin Gallery
Exhibition Dates: November 28 – December 24, 2009
Opening Reception & Book Signing: Saturday, November 28, 2009 5pm-8pm
Free & Open to public

One thing I miss from Japan was taking on the weekends or holidays to visit a hot spring (onsen) resort with friends and visitors. To leave town on a train with friends and vistors to often remote and mountainous areas for the hot spring hotel, nestled in hot spring towns selling their own trademark snacks from their region. Then, spend the whole day and night in your yukata, soak in the hot springs, and be served a full traditional Japanese dinner and breakfast. Mark Edward Harris has captured onsen moments throughout Japan and has come out with a second edition of “The Way of the Japanese Bath“.  Join him this Saturday for the opening reception and book signing, with an exhibition of his photographs.

Gloria Stuart: Flight of Butterfly Opening Reception

On Sunday, November 22nd, Gloria Stuart’s Flight of Butterfly Kites exhibition had it’s opening reception at Buckwild. Hiromi Paper staff was there to help out, (if you were there, we would be the ones serving at the bar!) It was a great opening, the place was buzzing all night, with and around Gloria who was there until the end(and looked fantastic by the way!)

Our view at the bar
a plate full of fruit and butterfly cookies
Toast for Gloria Stuart
Works on Thai butterfly and Unryu paper
Ring Paper
skeleton leaves
Katazome and Gold & Silver Unryu

Come to Buckwild Gallery Tuesday -Sunday 12pm -5pm until December 3 to check out her works in person.

Kyoko Ibe Presentation

On Monday November 16th, Kyoko Ibe presented her lecture, slideshow, and art at the UCLA faculty center. She was very happy with the event, and since I was able to go, the following is a summary I have made.

Kyoko Ibe has worked with paper fiber media for over 30 years and has been touring many different countries, now working on projects under sponsorship of Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs. For her exhibitions here in the states, Kyoko created pieces using over 100 year old Gampi papers for the sheet formation and 200 year old handwritten manuscripts and documents for the Gampi base. She used all natural Sumi, calligraphy black-ink, and mica particles. In the past, washi was very precious and not to be wasted. Not only were both sides to be used, but the whole sheet would be recycled as layering materials in constructing traditional sliding doors (fusuma) and folding screens. As an export, used washi with woodblock prints would be packed as wrapping paper for Japanese ceramics and art. Artists and connoisseurs in the 19th century Europe took notice of it, many collecting and taking inspiration from the washi. The largest collection of washi is in the German National Library in Leipzig, donated by Frantz Von Batz. Kyoko traveled to this national library in the nineties to view a particular washi collection documented by a British scholar, and found to her surprise that it had been kept hidden and forgotten in the corner all this time. She began research with Germany, discovering the world’s largest collection. Working with such matured washi was an experience that would become a turning point for Kyoko’s work.

An interesting part of washi’s history was that people in the past favored the recycled washi over newly made washi, valuing the traces of ink that lingered and the harmony it created. With this knowledge, Kyoko’s work was born. Using old washi documents and gampi, Kyoko invented methods to create her washi art pieces in such a vibrant and active way, different from traditional washi papermaking. At the end of the presentation, we were able to view her art pieces, and some of the 100/200 year old materials used (as shown to the left).

During her visit here, Kyoko brought us her designed handmade washi jewelry and accessories available in Japan. You can come see and purchase them in our store.

(click for larger image)

Related books available for purchase:

On the Washi Works of Kyoko Ibe

Washi in the 19th Century (cataloging the washi collection from Leipzig)

Kyoko Ibe: UCLA presentation

Kyoko Ibe, washi artist and special advisor for cultural exchange, will be giving a lecture and presentation at the UCLA faculty center on Monday, November 16. 2009 from 3-5PM.

As an international washi artist and teacher, Kyoko Ibe has just began her U.S. tour. She will have a gallery opening at the Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ November 12th before making her way to Los Angeles for her UCLA presenation. After more presentations and workshops in the east coast, Kyoko will go back to Japan before starting her activities in Egypt in 2010.

Hiromi Paper is very proud to be helping with the UCLA event, so come join and RSVP with us soon as capacity is limited.

kyoko ibe poster


Gloria Stuart’s Flight of Butterfly Kites

Hiromi Paper and Drachen Foundation presents Gloria Stuart’s Flight of Butterfly Kites at the Buckwild gallery Novermber 22 – December 3, 2009. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm – 5pm.

Gloria Stuart, a Japanese paper and Kite lover, has been using Hiromi Paper for years. Come check out her wonderful book and other decorative kites, and the different techniques she has used washi in making them.

12800 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

click on the thumbnails below for more information

flight1 flight2

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