Gia Canali Photography

“Pursuing the Picture Perfect Wedding”

Gia Canali and her husband has been working with photography for the past 10 years. It has taken her to places around the world to many traditional and non-traditional weddings. Her tactile photographs are best expressed through her digital and handmade prints.

Her recent project was a collaboration with Tiny Pine Press to make these books.

K-37 (kyoseishi) paper is used to bind the book, stitching works fairly well with this paper.

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Surfboard & Fine Art Archival Printing

Archival Prints LLC art firm is internationally recognized for custom surfboard design, surfboard laminates, large-format archival printing, fine art reproduction, and mixed media fine art. Founded in 2004 in Maui, Hawaii, artistic exploration is at the core of the company’s foundation. Inspired by a passion for the arts, surfing, respect for community, cultural awareness and a drive to support change through art.

In 2004, Archival Prints LLC created its unique “archival print”, a large-format surfboard laminate – a fine are reproduction printed on Japanese paper using ink with 100 year permanence. The process of glassing a ‘100 year archival print’ onto a surfboard, is revolutionary in the world of surfing. This distinctive process is the brand’s cornerstone and allows for photo-realistic imagery to cover the entire surfboard. High function and artistic freedom set the standard for Archival Prints LLC custom surfboard collections. These defining traits, instilled in each new design, have forged a recognizable identity, placing Archival Prints LLC into the ranks of respected artists in the surfboard industry.

Archival Prints LLC services include archival printing, fine art reproduction, graphic design, and image archiving. These custom services are offered to an array of clients, ranging from international company’s in need of original artwork for products, local artists seeking image archiving and printing services, as well as to surfboard shapers in need of design and laminates.”

• Click here for Archival Prints LLC fine art printing and archival services, including Japanese Fine Art Paper media

• See the surfboard gallery here, with lamination services here.

Hiromi Paper’s digital & archival papers and rolls

Using Chartham in Cards

We are no experts in making crafts, but certainly love to try whenever possible (how can we resist not using our stationery?)
Like today, using an Atelier Baban Congratulatory card (decorated with Asarakusui & Kinwashi) and a clear sheet of Chartham lettersize.

even Pollock joined in to put his own signature on the back

p.s. this is our 100th blog post!

SALE Mohachi 500g paper

Our Mohachi paper was developed by Mohachi Oki, now continued by Keiji Oki, the grandson. It is a heavy weight, yet soft, handmade paper that is sized internally so that ink will stay on the surface. It’s uses include printmaking, painting, and ink-jet printing. The large 31.5″x 47″ 500 gsm Mohachi paper comes in white or natural. Also, right now in a limited stock, we have large size very slightly damaged (2 lightly bent corners) Mohachi for 25% off!

HPI Day at The Getty

On the Getty Tram with our sushi
On the Getty Tram with our sushi

On Wednesday (May 27th), after closing the store, the entire HPI staff headed off to The Getty for a panel on 40+ years with Gemini G.E.L. But before that started, we were able to have a tour of the conservation floors with Lynne Kaneshiro. Lynne first took us to the paintings conservation room where Sue Ann gave us some insights on her latest projects with paintings on wood and the different issues they have to consider in working on conserving them. One thing we noted about the paintings conservation area..what a great view they have! Afterwards, Lynne showed us to her area downstairs which seemed to be divided into even more sections; prints, storage, library, paper, manuscripts, and more. It was something like coming out of a sci-fi area, with all the security and lab-like environment, definitely felt a bit top-secret. And of course, informative, as Lynne showed us how our Japanese tissue paper (such as the hinging paper) is used in piecing together the art and manuscript work.

On our way to the auditorium
On our way to the auditorium

After our sushi break out in the breezy mountain-view dining area (same as where our AIC opening reception was held!), we were off to the Gemini G.E.L. panel, which was sold-out(or reserved-out?). The setup was like that of a talk-show, with a host bringing up topics that summarize briefly the history of Gemini through antidotes and slideshow. The guests and topic of the show being Gemini cofounders Sidney Felsen and Stanley Grinstein, and artists John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha. There were some microphone issues that actually created a more intimate atmosphere, like we were watching in on the conversation between longtime pals. I actually have just begun learning about these artists and their works through Hiromi Paper, so it was exciting to get some background knowledge straight from these four great figures in the art and printmaking world.

40+ Years with Gemini G.E.L.
40+ Years with Gemini G.E.L.

Paperwood in Stock!


We just received our paperwood shipment today, so that means Cherry & Walnut 8.5″x 11″ sheets are back in stock! These two have been quick to sell out lately, and we noticed the paperwood were quite popular at the conferences we have brought them to.

The paperwood that we get is unfinished natural wood .017″ thick and good for folding, ink jet printing, and rubber stamping. A while back, Frank and Sachi tried printing on a sheet of cherry using our black-ink only epson printer and quite liked the ominous results:

paperwood3We expect the backordered paperwood sample books to come in shortly as well!

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