Istanbul Congress 2010 Part 2

Hiromi met with Ebru (marbling) artist Hikmet Barutçugil at Ebristan, the Istanbul Ebru House. Hikmet Ebru devoted himself to his passion, Ebru, and was recognized as the first artist to have discovered the new paper marbling technique known as “Barut Ebru”. At Ebristan, courses and seminars are offered to keep the traditional Turkish arts alive along with moving forward with new traditions. Hikmet demonstrated his skillful hand to Hiromi on our KH-17 Tosa Hanga in White sample (image below). You can look at the sample in person in our store as well.

View from the Ebristan

Istanbul Congress 2010 Part 1

Hiromi has returned for the 2010 IIC in Istanbul with plenty of pictures to share. The IIC stands for the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. This year was the 23rd biennial IIC Congress, held in Istanbul, Turkey. It was Hiromi’s first time there, so it was a treat for her to experience as well. Below is the first part in her photo report, more parts to come!

LA Printer’s Fair 2010

Outside Booths Setup Day

Inside the Museum

A peek into our room

Thank you to the International Printing Museum, Rachelle, the volunteers, the vendors, and everyone who stopped by this year for making it another fun experience. If you missed out, be sure to join us next year!

and check out more pictures, videos, and reports of the fair here

Kochi International Hanga Triennale

by Tsuyoshi Ageta
Translation by Yuki

Since the first exhibition was held in 1990, the Kochi International Hanga Triennale has been in session every 3 years and if everything goes smoothly, the 8th exhibit will be in March 2011. However, there have been doubts because of the lack of funds. Many inquiries were made about the exhibition, and although the date will be later than scheduled, the 8th exhibition will officially be held in October 2011.

This international exhibition solicits hanga work from professionals, which has gained recognition throughout the years. Now, it is known as one of the most distinguished international exhibitions in the world.

The first prize winner receives 1 million yen, the second prize winner receives 500,000 yen. For winners of work made especially from Tosa washi, the Tosa Washi Prize is given, as well as other awards.

In an island nation such as Japan, and in an even smaller island as Kochi prefecture, how is it that an international exhibition can take place? The answer is because Kochi prefecture has long been the center of washi production, and this event strives for the internationalization of Tosa washi.

Many are encouraged to display their work in this exhibition. On top of that, the number of past participants in this event is as follows:

Year                         1st        2nd      3rd      4th      5th      6th      7th

Japanese                   492       451        390        392      473       614       533

International           664     1001        954      1035     900       901       849

Total # of                1156     1452      1344      1427     1373      1515      1382

**For an Exhibition Entry Form in English and information on our Tosa Washi papers, please contact us.

SGC 2010 Recap

Packing for SGC

This year, Sachi and I attended the Southern Graphics Council in Philadelphia. It was both of our first times at SGC and Philadelphia at the same time, so we were excited and a bit unsure of what to expect for the trip. For example, arriving with coats, scarves, umbrellas, and boots on a very warm and clear Thursday morning (it *did* get plenty cold the next day). So, after a red-eye, we arrived around 6am Thursday. Once we left our luggage at the Loews hotel, we had until 2pm to check in, which was the plan as we were to spend the day walking around Philly and seeing the sights! Of course, a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to regroup and plan it out was necesary (and a nice change from the drive by Starbucks of L.A.) First stop was the Independence Hall and Liberty Bell.

Independence Hall

One of the many statues spotted

On our way to CCAHA

Our next stop was the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts, one of the largest nonprofit conservation centers in the country. It is always amazing to see conservation studios at work in person, and here we were able to see and learn how the very thin kozo papers were being used, as well as how important the fibers are.

Conservationist Minah showed us a river route to walk to our next destination, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, luckily the nice weather continued on. The museum was hard to miss, we saw it looming ahead 15 minutes before we arrived. We first went to the Perelman Building across the street and met with the head of paper conservation, Nancy Ash, and Scott. The conservation department recently moved to this building, which provided more space and growth. I couldn’t help but to think what a great city it must be to work as a conservator.

Perelman Building

After we checked out the exhibitions at the Perelman Building, it was time to tackle the large Philadelphia Museum of Art, which was having a “Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris” exhibition, along with the Philagrafika: Works by Oscar Muñoz and Tabaimo.

Philadelphia Museum of Art East Entrance

Spring is in the air

Outside the museum and throughout the city, cherry blossoms & other spring trees were in bloom. The sculpture garden outside the west entrance was also featuring Isamu Noguchi.

Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Garden

Once back and after a quick rest in our hotel room, we were in the Millenium Ballroom setting up for the Vendors Fair portion of the conference. With three tables and our display board, we were able to spread our sample books this time. Travelling around the country to attend these conferences for us means that people are able to see and feel our papers in person.

The next day was the fair from 9am to 6pm, and it opened with a rush of attendants early on. It was a busy morning, and with our conference specials (20% off, free shipping, no tax) and sample packs, we definitely felt productive! We also gave an art sample pack to the Gamblin booth, who demonstrated their oil painting tools with the sheets throughout the day. Our Gampi sample packs, Paperwood, and VF papyrus were a hit with shoppers.

Relief & Hand printing on our samples by Gamblin
R&F beeswax and paint on our Gampi (Silk Tissue & Surface Gampi)

Our last night there, we made sure to ride (or sneak) into the highest floor of the hotel, it sure is another world stepping out into the streets of Philly at night.

Top floor of Loews Hotel

We had a wonderful time, see you in St. Louis for SGC 2011!

HPI Updates


2010 Hiromi Paper Catalogues are now available. HPI Members can make your free copy request.

Isamu Noguchi Photo Essay

Thanks to your support of the Noguchi Museum, we have sold out on our first batch of the Isamu Noguchi Photo Essay and expect our next shipment to come in early March. Stock will be limited again so feel free to reserve your copy before they arrive.

New Items

KH-61 Kozo #8 White
KM-01 Shikoku Natural Washi Pads
Bhutan, Nepal, Yucatan, Khadi Sample Book
Color Gampi Sample Pack
Gampi Sample Pack
Bhutan Trongsa Large size thick/thin
IJ-Kiku Catalogue cover lettersize/square
Kizuki Hosho (now regularly in stock)
Hemp Dry Bark
Hahnemuhle Bamboo Photo Rag Paper Pack
IJ-Asuka in 150 g/m2
Korean Pictograph Square

Discontinued Items

Check out our discontinued items in our sale section!

Upcoming Conference

We will be attending the Southern Graphics Council conference in Philadelphia March 26-27 (at the vendor fair).
More SGC information can be found here.

Guild of Bookworkers Standards of Excellence Seminar 2009

Hiromi Paper attended the Guild of Bookworkers Standard of Excellence Seminar last month for the first time in several years (and somehow it is already the end of November as I write this recap!). It was located in Hotel Kabuki in Japantown, San Francisco, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to drive up the 6 or so hours. I went with Joanna(her very first conference) and had a great time there. We were surrounded with Japanese restaurants and goodies, not to mention a few bus stops down from Union Square/Crown Point Press/SFMOMA. It was certainly nice to take a break from driving in the city. The seminar itself took place in the span of 3 days. We were able to setup the morning of and come down from our room every morning after. Participants certainly took advantage of our 20% off & free shipping. Our new complete Text Libris swatchbooks came just in time as well.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Setup day: How to fit everything on two tables!
Visiting Crown Point Press (who are having their Winter Sale this Dec 4-5!

Red Cedar paperwood with calligraphy artwork done by Atelier Gargoyle

Our favorite piece of jewelry worn by a participant

Also, I have just received word that over 1,500 origami cranes were folded for the banquet!

Guild of Book Workers: Standards of Excellence Seminar

This coming Thursday – Saturday (October 29-31) we will be a vendor at the annual Guild of Book Workers: Standards of Excellence Seminar in San Francisco.

Location: Hotel Kabuki 1625 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, Kabuki Imperial Ballroom(Garden Level)
Time: Thurs 1PM – 6PM, Fri 9AM – 6PM, Sat 9AM – 4PM

Stop by to not only see our paper, book cloth, stationery, and new items in person, but to also receive our conference-only specials!

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