Hiroko Karuno: Moro Jifu Exhibition


May 27th – May 30th 2016

10AM – 4:30PM @ Naoya Shiga Former Residence

Address: 1237-2 Takabatakecho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8301

Tel: +81 742-26-6490 Website: http://www.naragakuen.jp/sgnoy/


Shifu, the beautiful Japanese artisan craft of spinning thread from thinly sliced handmade washi has existed since the early Edo period. These skeins of thread are then used to weave Moro jifu (paper thread cloth)

Expert spinner and weaver Hiroko Karuno lives and works in Toronto, Canada where she uses high quality handmade Japanese papers to make her paper threads.

In her solo exhibition at the historic Naoya Shiga Former Residence, she will show natural toned kami-ito (paper threads) as well as dyed threads and various moro jifu textiles.

Please stop by if you are in town!

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