Artist Feature: Lorraine Bubar

No Turning Back - Papercut - 27" x 47" . Image taken from artist website
No Turning Back – Papercut – 27″ x 47″ . Image taken from artist website

KpJ79noUx_ApVNqjXUlxE8gjSNMmhas2aLDO5oCdaUTDR2616NEOOXHN7ge-vDAwRdDs1wiyN_1f-eiLxSy2_rcXFr_ORMB6LHy6X6D5p-tecI9uhcOV7Op3hmKo0epsbubc=s0-d-e1-ftLorraine is a Los Angeles based artist whose work you can see exhibited at TAG gallery in Bergamot Station. Some of you may be familiar with Lorraine from when she taught a paper-cutting workshop at Hiromi Paper, Inc. This month, we had the opportunity to visit her studio and learn more about her work with paper.

Before pursuing paper cutting, Lorraine graduated from UCLA and studied animation at Yale University. She worked in animation for about 25 years and also worked with watercolors. Her watercolors reflect the fluidity of animation and she often represents the motion of metamorphosis in her narrative paintings. From watercolor painting, Lorraine started paper cutting as a form of connecting folk art with her experiences with traveling. Lorraine is a world traveler and many of her influences are found among various cultures such as Japan, India, and Nepal.

IMG_5009She starts working off as a theme and the range of the subject matter evolves out of the process that comes out of being absorbed into the work. The outline of her paper cut is first drawn with a sharpie and white out on white paper. She works in symmetries, and at times when unfolded can make surprising shapes that add on to the imagery of her piece. After the outline is made and cut out onto her actual border top layer of paper, she then begins the process of adding layers of colors. For Lorraine, this process includes laying out sheets and trying out different colors accordingly to her image. The intricate combination layering of various colored sheets make her papercuts feel like a painting or a woodblock print.

Lorraine uses paper for its fragility and strength. She works on the edge of her x-acto blade and when asked of any advices, she stresses to take risks. If something is nagging her, such as color replacement or changing the composition, she recommends experimenting and to spontaneously play with colors. Make sure to check out her new exhibition (information below)!


Thank you, Lorraine!

Exhibition: NOT HOME
Recent Papercuts by Lorraine Bubar
Date: September 1 – September 26, 2015
Location: TAG Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave. D3
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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