Hillary Gruenberg “Longing”


Local artist, Hillary Gruenberg, is now exhibiting “Longing” featured in the Project Room of Lois Lambert Gallery at Bergamot Station until March 9th, 2014!

Hillary has over 300 letter-sized mixed media works on variations of paper such as our Yucatan and Bhutan papers displayed across the walls of the gallery.

See more to view images and to read Hillary’s artist statement from her press release.


This arrangement creates a narrative that portrays her journey during the period leading to the death of her
mother. This body of work began on the day of Gruenberg’s mother’s brain cancer diagnosis and ended three months later with her mother’s passing. In an attempt to both grieve for and celebrate the life of her mother, Gruenberg created a visual diary that evokes both the sadness of her loss but also the joy of honoring a loving parent. Each piece represents different moments and experiences of both Gruenberg’s life and her mother’s life, starting with their childhoods through to her mother’s passing. Gruenberg uses a language of symbols established in her earlier works, including human bodies and faces, collaged fabrics, hands, houses, and words in combination with abstract forms and color fields. The combination of forms and colors blends Gruenberg’s past with the present to evoke a sense of maternal love and bonding. While these pieces inspire a range of emotions, the artist’s primary goal is to celebrate her mother’s life by sharing with the viewer an
intensely personal experience that many people have had.
               – Hillary Gruenberg courtesy of Lois Lambert Gallery.


Be sure to not miss this wonderfully intimate and compelling show!


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