Natural Curiosities Art House

Beautiful prints on handmade paper by wholesale art house studio, Natural Curosities:

Modern Circle  – [on Echizen Hanga Dosa Natural paper]

This series of three-color silkscreen prints is all about color interaction. We played with the transparency of the inks, which creates numerous colors as they overlap. The ink absorbs beautifully onto the handmade Japanese paper, made in the province of Echizen, giving the prints a warmth very characteristic of this paper.

Modern Rectangle – [on Bhutan Mitsumata Natural paper]

This series of one-color silkscreen prints was inspired by the paintings of Mark Rothko, in which big color fields interact with each other. The prints are on a beautiful Japanese style Bhutan Paper, made with 100% Mitsumata fibers, acid-free and unsized. These prints are pure in the way that they are all about the color and the paper. The absence of shapes allows us to experience the beauty of the isolated color. These prints evoke a feeling of Zen that is very calming in any space.

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