LACMA Encore Talk

Last night, Hiromi Paper staff and LACMA conservator Soko Furuhata gave an encore lecture on Washi and Youshi: Japanese and Western Paper at LACMA. It was definitely a broad topic, and we found we just have too much to say in one hour! But, somehow we got our presentation down to three basics: History of Japanese Paper (Washi), Video clips on papermaking (you really have to see the movements), and Hiromi Paper collaborations between western artists and washi papermakers. We end on a sort of serious note on Hiromi Paper’s mission in continuing to support washi papermakers, but we truly felt the support and encouragement from the audience afterward. We are so grateful for this! LACMA conservator Soko Furuhata also gave her very interesting presentation on western handmade papers and how LACMA uses Japanese paper in their conservation projects. Thank you Soko and the LACMA councils for making this night possible!


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