Hiromi Paper mentioned in SMDP column!

Today, a columnist for SMDP (Santa Monica Daily Press), Sarah Spitz visited our store and informed us that she had mentioned us in her column out just today!

In her most recent column, Culture Watch‘s “Going gaga over art galleries”, Sarah writes about various artists and art galleries and at the very end, a paragraph filled with sweet comments about Hiromi Paper:

Speaking of Japanese Kozo paper, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to visit Hiromi Paper International, the amazing fine art paper store at Bergamot Station. If you need a gift for a friend — or yourself — this will be the place to get something utterly unique and handmade. I saw dried fruits and vegetables made into beautiful papyrus sheets, wood grained patterned paper, the thinnest rice paper known to mankind, woven paper, art and archival paper, wrapping papers and more, all in brilliant colors and textures. This, too, is a store worth gushing about — a one-of-a-kind resource and gem.  (Sarah Spitz, May 10, 2012)

Thank you Sarah, and make sure to check out her wonderful columns at the Santa Monica Daily Press website.

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