Rachel Perry Welty prints @ Center Street Studio

James Stroud from Center Street Studio recently informed me about a collection by artist Rachel Perry Welty.

‘None of these things is quite like the other’
(photo-etching with aquatint and chine collé)

When I first saw these images, I assumed that the white bread tags were real…but James surprised me by telling me that they are actually images etched deeply into the copper plate and inked with white ink that oxidizes in the middle.

So the physical relief you see is the ink! What a wonderful surprise!

The natural colored paper seen in the images is our KM-01 Shikoku Natural.

James Stroud states:
“Rachel Perry Welty’s conceptually based work has been on my mind for some time, so I invited her to Center Street Studio to pursue a print project last month. The result is ‘None of these things is quite like the other,’ a photo-etching of a collection of 89 bread tabs that show the surprisingly wide variety of shapes and sizes of everyday objects we all usually take for granted. Etched deeply into the copper plate and printed in white ink with extremely high pressure, the images stand up off the sheet and assert a sculptural presence unusual for an etching”. 

Artist Statement: 
Bread tags, price stickers, tin foil and answering machine messages: these leftovers form a language of modern life. Through ritual and repetition I collect, accumulate and re-present the forgotten reminders of consumption.
For this print project, I selected one of every different kind of bread tag from my collection, forming a taxonomy of plastic tabs organized by my own system, where none of these things is quite like the other.
In choosing to work with these materials, I am documenting the world in which we live, mapping out environments in the hope of finding the beauty, humor and joy in everyday life.

Please contact Director James Stroud for availability and price information.


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