Devon Tsuno: Horticulture Los Angeles

Horticulture Los Angeles, is Devon Tsuno‘s first solo exhibition in Japan and will include 9 spray paint and acrylic paintings on handmade papers from Hiromi Paper (Khadi Rag and Shikishi).  The exhibition will also include a book titled, Horticulture Los Angeles.  The book contains 185 pages of original photography shot by Devon in and outside of his studio over the past 5 years.  This handmade hardcover book using Hiromi Paper French book cloth (Libris cloth), documents the process of his work and his unique perspective of how nature exists in Los Angeles.

Opening Reception:  Monday, April 2 from 6pm
April 2 – April 14, 2012

東京都港区六本木 7-5-11
カサグランデ・ミワ6階 605
TEL : 03-3403-8690
FAX : 03-3403-8670

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