Hex Stamp prints by Michael Murphy

LA local graphic designer, Michael Murphy (also see SeeMikeRun) has recently been working on hexagon stamps and stamping the beautiful images onto our paper!

Michael usually works with oil painting and making ceramic pieces like the ones below:

The stamp is  a 6″ rubber stamp that he made out of a hexagon.
He says he was inspired by the Gaudi tile design he saw in Barcelona:

Being a graphic designer, Michael drew up the images and had them made into “hex stamps” (hexagon shaped stamps). His print is done with two different stamp images, one being a dynamic image of the ocean waves and the other, a panorama of skyscrapers.

About the images he drew, Michael states:
“I wanted to do something that seemed atmospheric and something that touched on the tensions between growth and destruction…”

The print below, done on our Chirizome paper, was given to us as a gift from Michael! Thank you!

He has informed us that he makes these prints especially for his clients as a thank you gift, but he is always working and exploring new things!
I am looking forward to what unique things he will do with our papers in the future!

Check out his work here!


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