The World of Marlene London

Marlene London is a local artist in California and she has been making art for forever. Incorporated into her collages and en-caustic works are visible remnants of Hiromi Paper. London makes a statement on her website, “Life is color and composition, texture and guts, and my goal as an artist is to thread it all together into one expressive, viewable moment. The mundane and ignored are elevated and celebrated for their simple beauty…”. Click more to see some of her other gorgeous works. You won’t want to miss out!

Thai Pulp Ringlet is incorporated in her work to the left.

London also uses a variety of Washi Tape, which make great background color and pattern for the images.

Another wildly interesting element to her work are these pieces of Hogo paper.

Thank you Marlene London for sharing with us your work! Also, check out her works that are on sale at Etsy.


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