21st Editions : The Art of Charles Grogg

Last week for Photo L.A. at the Santa Monica Civic auditorium, 21st Editions flew out from Massachusetts to share some fine and unique hand bound books. Among those showcased was a particular book we were most pleased to be able to have been a part of.  Cracked: The Art of Charles Grogg, with only 18 copies existing, includes 10 signed platinum printed prints on our Gampi Torinoko and 3 loose prints. Charles Grogg also incorporated hand-stitches in three of his ten platinum prints. To complete the art work, it is delivered in a special custom made case. Whether you had the opportunity to experience the platinum prints in person last week or not, check out some images we received from 21st editions!

Charles is personally printing all thirteen platinum prints for this book on Japanese Gampi Torinoko, a paper
now unavailable since the recent death of its Japanese maker. It is perhaps the most rare and luxurious paper
we have ever seen used in platinum printing.

Taken from website.

Below are images of  “the three loose prints known as Reconstructions are large 20″ x 24″ works that are each constructed of nine
original solar exposed platinum prints, all sewn together to create the final image. Two of these loose prints also
include additional hand-sewn elements”.

Special thanks to 21st Editions and Charles Grogg for sharing with us!


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