Victor Horcasitas: Photographer & Documentarian.

Human Geography, 7" x 11"

Victor Horcasitas  was born in Mexico City and studied Communications at the Institute for Marketing and Publicity as well as Photography at the Cultural Center for Contemporary Art. For over 15 years he had been dedicated to television production and worked with various production companies, news agencies and international television networks. He shares with us his passion of his work and also states that he has “followed the industry down many paths: from cultural to political content, fiction to documentary, from high-concept big-budget commercials to grass-roots organizing campaigns, covered armed conflicts as well as natural disasters, and special events”. Now, Victor lives in Los Angeles, California, Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Continue reading for an in-depth statement, images, as well as technique details provided from the artist.

A statement from the Artist.

Photography, to me, is the surface of a thought, that by its nature, shares and becomes an idea.

Documentary film making gives me the opportunity of knowing other ways of life, history, culture.  It allows me to learn through research and proximity to the subject.

Recording images and testimonials – the process through which I approach and experience my projects – is my way of life.

Left: Cucharas, 7"x11". Right Top to Bottom: Narciso, 7"x11". Latido, 7"x11". Ojos de Gato, 14"x18"

Technique from the Artist.

This series of photographs is a fusion of technology and the ancient art  of hand made paper-Mitsumata, which is highly regarded for it’s beautiful texture. This method has been used in the religious book making cultures of Asia.

Hojo Casa Embrujo, 7"x11".

Visit his website here for more information on the artist, and to view other works. Much appreciation and gratitude to Victor for sharing with us his projects!

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5 responses to “Victor Horcasitas: Photographer & Documentarian.

  1. Thanks for posting.
    I,m working on new projects and the role of Hiromi Paper is one of the main pieces.
    Coming soon

  2. tpulplet


    We really hope to see more of your work, Please keep us updated!

    Thank You,

  3. Hi Joanna,

    We are in A&I January 2012 Newsletter.
    Is A&I Photographic & Digital.

    See you soon

    Victor Horcasitas
    Photographer & Documentarian

  4. Jaime

    Congratulations Vic sent you many greetings and expecting to see you soon.. many more hits Saludos.

  5. Marta

    Vic, Felicidades, me gusta mucho lo q retratas.


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