KA Films: “KHADI – A journey to self-reliance”

The other day, I had the pleasure of meeting Kanika Myer , a film maker who does most of her filming in her home country of India.

She had created a short film on Khadi, meaning ‘house spun cotton’ in Hindi. The film was made to promote the beauty of Khadi, the fabric of India.

The process of making Khadi is extremely fascinating and enduring, as you can see from Kanika’s videos. Her footage of the Khadi mill fits perfectly with her music selections, giving you a sense of actually being at the mill and witnessing this process for yourself.

Let us all take a journey to the captivating world of India’s Khadi-making through Kanika’s eyes.


Director – Kanika Myer


(Khadi – a coarse homespun cotton cloth made in India)

This film is shot in the only remaining villages in India where hand weaving and spinning is still practiced as a means of livelihood. This is in the villages around Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh.

Spinning and almost all the processes of creating Khadi the fabric, is mostly done by women in the villages.

However in the rest of India, spinning and weaving has now become a mechanized process.

This film “Khadi – A journey to self-reliance” is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s
philosophy of Charkha (the spinning wheel) as an instrument of freedom.

Spinning was an important home industry during the nineteenth century. It was source of livelihood for all. Gandhi’s inspiration awakened many for this activity across different parts of the country.


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