Yoshiko Shimano: 17 Calendars

Yoshiko Shimano, a professor at University of New Mexico’s Department of Art and Art History recently worked on a large-scale calendar project for Japan’s relief for the earthquake and tsunami.

This Calendar Project originally started from Yoshiko’s strong will to support the victims of the tsunami and earthquake disaster. She contacted various schools, focusing mainly on elementary schools in that area to work with children, but soon discovered that the Joshibi University of Art and Design were doing support activities at a shelter in Suginami Ward in Tokyo, with victims from Minami Soma-shi of Fukushima Prefecture.

There, 17 victims from the shelter were generous enough to participate in this project, each submitting one personal drawing. All 17 of these drawings were transferred to a printmaking medium, printed by students in the University of New Mexico, and used in this calendar project, making each one unique and one of a kind.

The printmaking medium is called “collagraph”, a type of printmaking process where the plate itself is formed with various substances such as textured paper, fabrics, ribbons, or masking tape; like a collage. Then, the surface is coated with acrylic medium afterwards to protect the materials. This collaged surface enables the final image to have different surface levels and textures.

These prints were printed on HPI’s HP-15 Okawara MM and the calendar was printed using IJ150 Asuka Natural inkjet paper, which was a first attempt for Yoshiko, who has just started printing on our inkjet papers.

With Yoshiko’s will to support the suffering victims from this disaster in her home country and the generous support that she received from Joshibi, her students from University of New Mexico and other organizations helped make this project a beautiful success.

We hope that these calendars will inspire and heal all those who have been hurt by this tragedy.


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