Washi Tour 2010 Part 7 Handmade Tengucho Paper by Hamada

Next in Kochi, we visited the Hamada family home and studio, where handmade Tengucho is produced. Our World of Washi newsletter article on the family and Handmade Tengucho can be read here. After seeing so many photos of the famous Hamada family and their Tengucho making techniques, it was definitely a surreal moment to be in the small studio watching it live in front of me. It was like the group felt the moment as well, all of us silently snapping away, trying to capture Hironao’s quick, mechanical movements (it wasn’t easy, and we could have probably stayed all day taking photos until he was finished!)



In a week, 4 days goes to papermaking. For the rest of the week, ingredients and materials are prepared. In one day, Hironao can make 250-300 sheets.





The family dog watches over the group intently, thanks for letting us visit!

Coming up next: Kashiki Paper Mill & Kochi Paper Technology Center


2 thoughts on “Washi Tour 2010 Part 7 Handmade Tengucho Paper by Hamada”

  1. I happened to find your page as I was looking for information about Tosa washi after coming back from the travel to INO in Kouchi and then knew Hamada family. The other day, I visited INO in Kochi and so impressed by the view of Niyodo-gawa, mountain, and TOSA-WASHI. I wonder how I, as one of Japanese, could make such Japanese traditional art spread to be well known in the world! Anything I can do as I am a patent attorney working in Tokyo…

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