An Inside Look Into Making DHM-11

If you have been in our store, chances are you have seen our large size DHM-11 sheets mounted on the wall (39×39″ and 79×79″). Used by artists (like Richard Serra and Gregory Colbert), Hiromi Paper has seen this paper grow and develop in each hand over the years. Now, we give you a peak into the work that goes into making this paper at the Fuji Paper Mill in Tokushima, Japan.

We start the tour with a familiar image of chiritori (picking the dark spots from the fibers by hand). From now on, the process just grows in size from the usual washi paper making.

Here, at least 48 buckets filled with Kozo pulp surround the mold…
this is all for one sheet! This paper being made is a custom size sheet.

The team start on forming the sheet.

The finished sheet is carefully moved over.

Inch by inch inspection and picking begins

Large Drying Boards used for each sheet.

The finished product inspection.

In a day, only 3-4 sheets can be made. This is why we highly advise customers to place their orders well in advanced!


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