Drypoint Woodblock & Kite Making Workshop

On the afternoon of Sunday the 11th we had our much anticipated drypoint woodblock and kite making workshop. This was all possible because of the collaboration with Ali Fujino & Scott Skinner from the Drachen Foundation and Christine Yuengling, who taught the drypoint woodblock technique. We want to thank Ali, Scott and Chris for teaching all of us and providing such great supplies!

Images were sent by a student from the workshop and printmaker, Christina Carroll. Thank you for sharing!

Christine, our instructor for drypoint woodblock printing, brought a stunning amount of supplies to make sure that everyone had just what they needed. However, set up for the workshop was quick and we were able to get things in order before the students arrived.

Christine jumped right in to giving a brief outline of drypoint woodblock printing along with useful hints and warned us about the various techniques when it comes to carving.

Demonstration time before she let the students loose to their creativity. Washi used in the workshop included HP-59 Sekishu White, SH-4 Harukaze, and HP-65 Mulberry 33″ The process is so tough on the paper that washi is definitely recommended!

Once the students had their final print, Scott took over to teach us a few tidbits about the history of kites and a very smart way to attach the string to the kite.

Thank you to everyone who made this workshop a success! Check out Drachen Foundation’s website here to view more information.


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