Stephen Schaub on Amate

Check out Stephen Schaubs’ latest addition on the Amate Paper for his Surroundings Portfolio.

Bicycle- Bolzano, Italy 2011. Artwork Size: 42″ x 42″, Paper Size: 47″ x 47″.

About the Surroundings Portfolio:

Schaub’s new series of images explores our relationship with the landscape around us: its subjectivity, its imperfection, and the effect of its uniquely overlapping, never-ending aesthetic. In so doing he creates an intriguing new universe for us to explore that is at once familiar and foreign, temporal and timeless, concrete and yet dream-like. Is this a place we know?

Each artwork is created individually, constructed over time as an in-camera, hand-held multiple exposure on film using a technique created for this body of work by the artist: three or more exposures are taken over the course of a day or longer before an image is complete. In some cases more than one lens or pinhole will be employed to further accentuate the transparent layering effect, and emphasize different elements within the frame. Images are printed as a unique, one-of-one artwork on hand-made Amate or Amatl Paper, using the d’Vinci twelve color fine-art printing platform in his Vermont studio.

Schaub’s “Surroundings” deal with continuing themes of fragmented memory, compression of time, the intervention of the artist’s hand and the element of the unpredictable. The landscape he presents to us is both a landscape that is rich, multi-faceted and new, and yet somehow familiar.

On Using the Amate:

Chosen both for its sense of history as well as its physical properties, Amate /Amatl has been in production for over 3,000 years and was used by the ancient Aztec and Maya for both religious and secular uses. The sculptural nature of this unique paper adds further to the depth and dimensionality of the works.

Take a look at his website for more artwork on the Amate paper (


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