Summer Sale Update

This Friday & Saturday (August 5-6) we will be joining various Bergamot Art Center folks in The Dog Days of Summer SALE. Look out for our sale rack & table in front of our store doors (and possibly in the Bergamot Courtyard).

Sale prices will be marked on the orange dot stickers, items include new Japanese papers (Kawashi, Zairai, Salago, Rayon #50), Decorative papers (Rayon Unryu, Katazome, Rib Paper w/ Abaca & Kozo, Kinwashi Rolls, assorted asarakusui color packs, wax paper), Vegetable & Fruit Papyrus, Books (Paper in Flight), Crafts (marble dye kit, Japanese art kites), supplies (bamboo spatulas, pva sizing), and stationery (wood gift bags, kamifusen square balloons, sticky notes, cards, Tanzaku/Mini Shikishi Frame & Boards)….and more to come!

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