DIY Hanging Kamifusen

It’s about time for us to restring these older kamifusen we’ve had on display in our store. These fresh new vivid balloons are teeming with excitement to be brought to life and hung up for everyone to see! Follow along for some tips on how you can string and display them in your own home.

Holes are punctured into the bottom and top of the balloon to allow the string to weave through. While using a sewing needle you can use the sewing procedures, but if you only have a sharp tool such as the awl, then you will have to weave the string in manually.

Before tying the string to secure each balloon, if there will be more then one on the same string, you may want to string all of the balloons to measure out the spacing.

Once the spacing has been distributed as you like, you can now make those tight multiple knots. Make sure that the knots are larger then the holes, so it will not slip.

Another way of securing the knot would be to add a little piece of tape adhering the knot directly onto the bottom balloon. You don’t need to tie a knot at the top of the balloon, only the bottom.

Now they’re all securely in place and ready to be strung!

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