A Question to Readers from Washiya

We recently received the following email from Sugihara-san of “Washiya” in Fukui, Japan, requesting our opinion on how foreigners are perceiving the radiation news in Japan. We thought it would be helpful to get all of our reader’s opinions, which we can translate for him as well.

Please, feel free to contact us on any of your thoughts on the situation by submitting your comment on this blog post or through email, phone, or fax.
washi @ hiromipaper . com , fax 310-998-0028, tel: 1-866-479-2744

I feel as if the situation in Japan keeps getting worse by the day…

There is a nuclear power plant in Fukui as well, so the news of Fukushima does not seem like a distant matter, which will drastically change the electronical supply for the Japanese people.

However, on top of that, the lack electricity distribution to Tokyo, the “heart of Japan”, is the most tragic news.
They say this condition will continue for at least 6 months or a couple of years…

As numerous speculations are being made, I have heard news that I’m rather concerned about.

Although it is not wise to be so restless, but I felt a sudden anxiety about it, which is why I contacted you today.

This information was given by a an acquaintance of mine, so the credibility is somewhat ambiguous…

I have heard that regulations for Japanese imports have already begun in Italy and Germany requires documents certifying that products are not affected by radiation, not limited to food.

I feel foolish to be conflicted by matters of our immediate future, but it seems as if the information within Japan and the reactions from overseas is extremely different. If I could have your honest opinions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Although washi is not “food”, since it is closely related to agriculture, I am quite worried.

Do you think that the import regulations will apply to washi as well?

Even at this point, the Japan’s economic decline is certain to happen soon.

Are there any measures to be taken??

Just recently, when a great earthquake hit New Zealand, the majority did not stop to think, “Which areas of New Zealand are safe, and which are not?” but simply assumed that ALL of New Zealand was dangerous. Even the Japanese people. Having this in mind, it can be said that people outside of Japan are not simply thinking “Only East Japan is dangerous, but the West is safe…” but actually, believing that ALL of Japan is threatening.
Is this so…?

Sugihara Yoshinao


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