Washi Tour 2010 Part 3 Tosa Washi Village Qraud

Window view from Qraud Hotel

In Kochi, we stayed at the “Qraud” for 2 nights. Overlooking the Niyodo River, Qraud offers Japanese rooms, hot spring bath, and Japanese & French cuisine using local ingredients. But what sets this hotel apart are the activities going on. Papermaking workshops, dying and weaving fabric workshops, and canoe activities are available to guests and visitors. Papermaking studios are also housed in Qraud for local papermakers.

We were well fed to say the least; our first dinner was in a special tatami room outdoors. It is common for Japanese-style hotels (ryokan) to include multi-course meals in room packages.

Breakfast tables adorned with mitsumata flowers

National Living Treasure Sajio Hamada (for handmade Tengucho) working on his latest project (which had to do with the broadcast of the NHK Taiga drama on the historical figure Sakamoto Ryōma who was born in Kochi)

Workshop space prepped and ready for the group for Tame Suki style paper making.

Nobuyasu Ozaki was at his station working on his paper, he makes HM-2 Kozo White, HM-3 Minogami, and HP-55 Misu with Clay. His father, Yasushi Ozaki, makes KH-58 Daitoshi Paper.

In a small studio outside, Sajio Hamada’s younger grandson, Osamu Hamada, makes paper. Here he is working on a domestic order. He also makes the color kozo base paper (his mother dyes the paper), custom size “Osamu paper”, and Kochi Shikishi.

Paper flowers for sale in the gift shop

French Cuisine for the second dinner

Coming up next: Yamamoto – Suketa (papermaking tool) maker


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