Kristen Andrews – Anniversary Invitations.

Kodai Invitation and Chartham Translucent Newspaper Image.

We were able to share a great moment with Kristen Andrews in her preparations to creating memorable invitations for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Here are some words from Kristen about her project:

My parents are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Seeing as though I am the only sibling on the west coast, I assigned myself the task of invitation design as my only remote capability. Before flying home from New York back to Los Angeles after the holidays, I scoured through my dad’s scrapbook and uncovered the only remnants left of the wedding – a napkin, the original invite, and the clippings from the newspaper wedding announcements. In order to maintain and achieve a vintage feel, I used the velobase from the original and typed this up on my cursive typewritter. Once the napkin and the clipping was scanned, I just needed the paper. The Chartham Translucent Gold evoked a neat antique yet modern feel, and the Kodai Natural reminded me of the napkin itself.

Original Invitation, Napkin, and Newspaper Article.
Closer look at the Chartham Translucent Gold.
Closer look at the Kodai.
The scanned Napkin Invitation.

Thank You so much for sharing your experience and project with us, Kristen!


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