DIY Window Cover

It’s a new year and what better then to replace a few old things around the shop? The Haruki paper was used previously as our window covering, but we decided to change it.

You can rip the paper off from the window easily. We applied PVA Neutral Adhesive Glue onto our paper with a brush, and made sure to cover every surface as well as smoothing out any air bubbles.

You can dilute the glue with some water to make a more liquidized substance.

The glue dries clear and it does not damage the paper with any chemicals, it will also not yellow the paper over time.

Instead of sticking to one kind of paper, we decided to spice things up and use a variety of paper that look great as window covers.

Left to Right: Hanji Korean Decorative Tiles, Kinwashi Natural, Thai Banana in Natural, SH-21 Unryu Medium.

Top to Bottom: W-15 Kinwashi, Ginwashi.


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