Otis Letterpress Workshop + New Product Sneak Peak

Last Wednesday I got the exciting opportunity to visit Otis and learn how to letterpress using their machinery onto various papers. The workshop was led by Professor Linda Dare, a long time friend of Hiromi Paper.

We first started out by choosing the design we wanted to print. These printing plates were conveniently done already by students.

The proofing station where we will be able to test print the plates, preferably with black ink.

Getting it aligned to our paper and tightly fitted with furniture and quoin keys. Some calculation may be required!

Time to Choose our color.

After the ink gets evenly spread onto all rollers, we are then ready for some test runs.

We also started testing some multi-colored ones. The results were great!

Special thanks to Linda Dare for holding this workshop and sharing the experience with us over at Hiromi Paper!

Also, soon to come at HPI, a bit of our own Letterpress collaboration with Paper Mum Press.

Look Foward to the new card sets!

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