JACCC Ukiyo-e Demonstration Recap

This past Sunday was the JACCC Ukiyo-e demonstration in which two master printers from the Adachi Institute in Tokyo, Japan, Horishi (carver) Chikura Kishi and Surishi (printer) Yoshio Kyoso recreated traditional printing of Hiroshige’s prints. Originally, this type of printing was used in merchant circles for daily life, such as posters and flyers. The key point was how to most economically reproduce the prints. Click on the link below to view more pictures from the event.

The carver begins with this Mino Paper to transfer the art onto the cherry block.

Throughout the hour, the carver diligently carves the block using different sized tools for detailed to non detailed shavings.

The printer starts with the black ink image of the print. Each color gets it’s own block, sometimes more blocks would be necesary for one color.

Using different sized disk barens depending on the strength needed, the printer’s body movements also change depending on the size of the area being printed.

A stencil brush is used for the smaller strokes. A “master” printer is one who can make reproduce a color gradation print 100 times!

The dyes are all natural vegetable dye pigments mixed with water depending on the color strength needed.

The finished print on Ichibei Iwano’s Hosho, made of 100% Tosa kozo.

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