Geoff Mitchell

Blue Leaves. 26″x20″. 2010

Geoff Mitchell is represented by the Bill Lowe Gallery of Atlanta. He teaches a Mixed Media class at the Brentwood Art Center (scroll down for more information). Our Gampi Silk Tissue is used for the image transfer, and the transfers are done within the context of his acrylic painting.

Los Angeles based artist Geoff Mitchell utilizes a wide variety of artistic media and techniques – painting, printmaking, photo-transfer, collage, film and
video installation – to create images which transcend the meaning of their individual components, and describe and define a larger experience.

“Mitchell’s montage method concerns itself…with the accretion of meaning – not just the build up of information, but the generation of new, amplified and
modulated sensation. Mitchell’s heraldic compositions gain their strength and tension not from the drama inherent in their elements, but from the new drama
that emerges from their juxtaposition,” writes Peter Frank, curator at the Riverside Museum in Los Angeles and prominent art critic.

Mitchell works exclusively on wood panel, a format which allows him to compose exquisitely smooth and luminous surfaces. Each composition is meticulously
and carefully crafted in order to ignite the viewer’s imagination, while bearing witness to Mitchell’s mastery of his artistic techniques.

Geoff Mitchell has exhibited widely throughout the United States and internationally since 1996.
He has participated in numerous film festivals, and is the recipient of several art awards, including the ATC Curator’s Choice Award in Chicago.

Mixed Media on Panel

Acetone. 22"x30". 2010
Arrogance. 36"24". 2009
Mayonnaise. 20″x20″. 2009
Sunburn. 20″x20″. 2008
Tangerine. 20″x20″. 2008

“When I can fully let go of any fear of the random, nonsensical, and the unknown, I find a way of arriving at conclusions I could have never pre-conceived.”Geoff Mitchell; statement. (click on statement to read more about Mitchell from the Bill Lowe Gallery)

Brentwood Art Center Class Description:
Mixed Media: Focus on Image Transfer Techniques
Discover exciting new ways to add texture and mystery to painterly compositions with a variety of image transfer techniques. Drawing on varied sources such as personal
snapshots, found images or old family photographs, students will learn how to skillfully blend these images into a painterly surface, creating expressive and evocative
compositions. Emphasis will be placed on class demonstrations combined with individualized instruction as students become proficient with each technique. Students furnish most supplies.

Be sure to check out the website for more information on how to sign up for classes! (click on Mixed Media)


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